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The Department of Entrepreneurship and the John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship are excited to introduce newly elected RedHawk Ventures Executive Team members for 2024-2025. Listed left-to-right and top-to-bottom, the executive team includes:

  • Katherine McIntosh (Co-Managing Director, MU '25 in Finance and Incoming U.S. Finance Intern at McDonald's)

  • Grace Galloway (Co-Managing Director, MU '25 in Finance and Entrepreneurship and Financial Planning Analyst with CBTS)

  • Ryan Mateyo (Director of Talent, MU '26 in Honors Finance and Valuation Fellow at CincyTech)

  • Matthew Brady (Director of Investment and Portfolio, MU '27 in Finance and Entrepreneurship)

  • Liam McAllister (Director of Communications, MU '25 in Finance and Entrepreneurship)

Established in 1999, RedHawk Ventures, the John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship’s $500,000 seed-stage venture investment fund, is one of the first undergraduate student-managed seed stage venture capital funds in the U.S. and today stands as one of a small group of venture capital funds in the nation run entirely by undergraduate students. RedHawk Ventures invests up to $25,000 into promising Miami University student- and alumni-founded startups and high-growth companies. Student investors manage deal flow and work closely with founders through the venture funding process, including investor pitch presentations, valuation and investment syndication, term sheet preparation, and post-funding management and growth.

The fund celebrated its first exit in 2020 when Chicago-based Digs, cofounded by Pat McLoughlin MU ’10 and Chad Johnson MU ’10, was acquired by Austin-based OJO. Its current portfolio includes Indianapolis-based The Fan's Place (Rory Billing MU '12, Co-Founder and CEO, and Connor Billing MU '13, Co-Founder and COO), Houston-based PlaneAhead (Alex Malebranche, PMP MU '15, Founder and CEO), Portland-based OROS Labs / Solarcore® (Michael Markesbery MU '15, Co-founder and CEO, and Rithvik Venna MU '15, Co-Founder and COO), LA-based Mad Rabbit (Oliver Zak MU '19, Co-Founder and CEO, and Selom Agbitor MU '19, Co-Founder and COO), Chicago-based Blip Energy (Dennis Kontorovich MU '16, Co-Founder), and Pieces for Developers (Tsavo Knott MU '18, Co-Founder and CEO, and Mack Myers MU '16, Co-Founder and COO), among others.

For more information about RedHawk Ventures, click the button below!

Join us for the second spring semester Innovation and New Ventures Speed Mentorship Day, presented by 1809 Capital & Miami’s student-led venture capital fund, RedHawk Ventures at Fisher Innovation College@Elm on Saturday, April 30th from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm!

Be prepared to connect with seasoned innovation professionals from leading venture capital firms like CincyTech, Cintrifuse Capital, Jumpstart Ventures, Ohio Innovation Fund, and of course 1809 Capital.

This event is provides an excellent access opportunity for @Miami University students and faculty to network, gain valuable insights, and build meaningful industry connections. It's especially beneficial for students, including students currently enrolled in the ESP 401: New Ventures capstone course preparing for the RedHawk Venture Pitch Competition, in May.

Mentor List:

Secure your spot now by clicking the registration link:

Save the date, mark your calendars, and get ready to level up your venture game! See you there! We look forward to seeing you at the Fisher Innovation College on April 30th!

Exciting News! Coda & Snowflake are Teaming Up!

Coda, our portfolio company known for its innovative all-in-one collaborative workspace, has announced a strategic partnership with Snowflake, the leader in #CloudData warehousing. This alliance is set to transform how #enterprises access and analyze #data. Snowflake is making a significant #investment through its venture fund to kickstart this collaboration.

Coda is integrating Snowflake's powerful data warehousing capabilities into its platform. This makes it easier for users to analyze data within a unified workspace. The partnership includes the launch of a Snowflake Pack, which enables bi-directional editing of live data within Coda documents. It streamlines workflows and enhances data-driven decision-making across organizations.

Over 50,000 enterprises are already leveraging Coda, including giants like The New York Times and Uber, can now seamlessly integrate Snowflake’s data warehousing solutions into their daily operations. This partnership represents a leap towards simplifying complex data analysis making it accessible and actionable for all enterprise users, not just data scientists.

"We're uniting data and a collaborative surface, turning data into action," says Shishir Mehrotra, CEO of Coda.

Ready to revolutionize how your enterprise works with data? Dive into the future of data analysis and collaboration today with Coda and Snowflake. Visit for more information and to get started!

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