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Arthur Ventures is excited to announce that they have raised $470,000,000 to continue investing in B2B software companies across North America at the Early Growth stage.

Consistent with prior vintages, this capital raise consists of two new investment funds: Arthur Ventures V ($300,000,000 core fund) and Arthur Ventures Growth IV ($170,000,000 growth-stage fund). These funds will be deployed behind the same Early Growth Capital thesis with no change in strategy.

Aclaimant is proud to announce that its risk management platform has achieved several awards by G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. These awards span four software categories including (1) Insurance Claims Management, (2) Environmental Health & Safety, (3) Occupational Health and Safety, and (4) Operational Risk Management. The recognitions were:

  • Best Support for the Insurance Claims Management Relationship Index

  • Easiest Doing Business With for Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Relationship Index

  • Leader (#2 overall!) in the Insurance Claims Management

  • High Performer in Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

  • High Performer in Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

  • High Performer in Operational Risk Management

We are pleased to announce our investment in Zengines' recent funding round!

Zengines, which was co-founded by Carl Drisko, has developed an innovative approach to data conversion. When businesses migrate data to new applications, systems, or outsourced services, Zengines automates the end-to-end data conversion process. The Zengines AI platform mitigates the time, cost, and risk involved in data conversions, system migrations, and data onboarding for a variety of business solutions. Zengines is utilized by prominent enterprises, software vendors, and consultants spanning multiple industries.

Hyde Park Venture Partners acted as the lead investor, with the assistance of 1809 Capital's participation. Notably, Greg Barnes, an alumnus of Miami University (Class of 2002), serves as a partner at Hyde Park and is also a limited partner at 1809 Capital.

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