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1809 Capital's Impact

1809 Capital's primary objective is financial return for the Fund's Limited Partners (LPs). In addition to we strive to deliver positive impact on the Miami mission through engagement and financial contribution. We partner with faculty and administration to provide alumni advice, counseling, mentorship and industry connections.  Unique to the 1809 Capital venture fund model is financial contribution from the General Partners' (fund managers) carried interest (or profits interest).  Our General Partners have committed to donating 60% of earned carried interest to the Miami University


Championing the university distinguishes 1809 Capital from other entities in the world of venture capital, while still aligning us closely with our objectives.

Conventional Venture Fund Model vs 1809 Capital


Typically, at Venture Capital firms, General Partners (GPs) receive a carried interest, a share of the profits earned. Typically, these profits are divided in an 80/20 ratio, with 80% allocated to the Limited Partners (LPs) and the remaining 20% distributed among the GPs.


At 1809 Capital, our GPs have committed to donating 60% of our carried interest to creating an impact on Miami students. As such, the profits are split with a ratio of 80/12/8: 80% to the LPs, 12% to the Miami University Foundation, and 8% to the GPs. 

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