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Speed Mentoring Day Highlights

We are thrilled to bring you the highlights from the inaugural Speed Mentoring Day, a collaborative initiative between 1809 Capital and Redhawk Ventures, hosted at Fisher Innovation College@Elm!

The entire day was charged with an undeniable vibrancy as students and mentors immersed themselves in focused 15 minute conversations receiving feedback and insights while making connections for future engagement.

We want to extend a special shoutout to the students who embraced the opportunity, with some dedicating their entire day to engage with every mentor available, and a majority participating in 3 enriching sessions. Your energy and talent is nothing short of inspiring!

35 participants arrived prepared and ready, bringing everything from prototypes to slide shows, all in a bid to elevate their ventures to new heights. They sought advice on a wide array of topics, ranging from business development strategies to making meaningful connections within the startup ecosystem.

Mentors included the 1809 Capital General Partners, Miami Aspire Director Chris Lawson, Max Dworin from Cintrifuse, Kevin Gusweiler from eGateway Capital, Laura Sandstrom from Book + Street and Phil Shea from New Valley Labs.

Flexibility became the order of the day as we seamlessly adapted to accommodate walk-ins and reshuffled schedules on the fly, ensuring that every participant had the opportunity to connect, engage, and learn.

Miami President Crawford graced us with a special appearance taking time from a demanding schedule to observe and contribute to the student (and alumni) experience.

Special thanks to the Redhawk Ventures student team for their crucial role in facilitating connections between students and mentors, and for actively participating and seeking advice themselves. Your collaborative spirit was indispensable to the success of this event!

Here's to a day filled with learning, networking, and boundless inspiration. We are reminded that our community is rich with bright and determined individuals, and we can't wait to see what the future holds. Until next time!



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