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[EVENT RECAP]: 1809 Capital / RedHawk Ventures Collaboration Event

Throwback to May 9th: 1809 Capital and RedHawk Ventures (the Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship’s student-led pre-seed and seed stage venture fund) co-hosted an event to showcase their collaboration with the Fisher Innovation College@Elm this past academic year.

RedHawk Ventures student leadership presented on their mission to cultivate promising venture capital talent while supporting early-stage founders within the thriving Miami innovation ecosystem. They also highlighted the invaluable professional experience and operational guidance gained through their collaboration with 1809 Capital.

1809 Capital Partner, Mark Richey, shared the Fund’s investment philosophy and how to related mission of alumni and student engagement aligns perfectly with the RedHawk partnership. The discussion delved into the exciting potential of the "cross-stage model" as a support system for disruptive companies from pre-seed through growth stages.

Tim Holcomb, Chair of the globally ranked Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship, emphasized how this collaboration exemplifies the institute's "learning by doing" approach, while providing Miami-based founders with a dedicated investment platform to fuel the local ecosystem.

Chris Lawson, Head of the Fisher Innovation College@Elm, concluded by highlighting the immense potential impact this partnership of all three entities holds for the Miami innovation community and beyond.

Looking ahead: The three parties remain enthusiastic about continuing this initiative and fostering a robust platform for founders, students, alumni and innovators.



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