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Menlo Park Breakfast Highlights

On Wednesday 1809 Capital continued our national venture and innovation forum series hosting an engaging morning in Menlo Park, CA diving deep into discussions on the current state of the Venture Capital Market, the essential qualities of successful founders in Deep Tech, and exemplary entrepreneurship education at Miami University!

Huge thanks to Tim Holcomb, Department Chair of Miami’s nationally ranked undergraduate Entrepreneurship program, for his inspiring update.

Special shout out to Blake Faulkner at Boondoggle AI, Alicia Scheffer-Wong at Visby Medical, Dan Imler at Curbside Health, Lumen Sivitz at Lightwork, Steve Carlin at AiFi, Jeff Karras at America’s Frontier Fund, Prashant Gangwal at Altos Ventures, Jake Simon at Porsche Ventures, and Patrick Kent at Refinery Ventures for their invaluable contributions to the conversation.

Next in the series is Cincinnati on March 1st, 8:00 AM at Union Hall. Sign up below for more information!



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