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1809 Capital & Redhawk Ventures Speed Mentoring Highlights (11/29 & 11/30)

Last week we continued the Fisher Innovation College@Elm Speed Mentoring program, a collaborative initiative between 1809 Capital and Redhawk Ventures. This session focused on connecting teams participating in this Thursday's Redhawk Venture Pitch competition with professional venture investors.

Participants had the unique opportunity to engage with experienced mentors from our Venture Capital network, gaining invaluable last-minute advice and insights that are sure to make a significant difference on the competition day.

Additionally, we were delighted to welcome students from Brenda Homan and Geoff Zoeckler's classes. Their participation added an educational richness to the event and enhanced the engagement with VC mentors.

Our thanks go out to all the mentors who contributed their time and expertise. Your involvement is crucial in fostering a spirit of community and learning within the Miami area.

Mentoring will expand in 2024 becoming a core Fisher Innovation College@Elm resource assisting all Miami colleges and students to explore and execute innovation commercialization opportunities.



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