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Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio is Sourced from Miami Alumni.

Companies in our Portfolio are Series A or Later.  

Coda Box
Visby Box
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Coda is a software company based in Mountain View, CA that has developed a new type of collaborative document that brings together words, data, and teams. They have accomplished this by deconstructing the traditional documents we use to run our businesses (word documents, spreadsheets, presentations) down to the fundamentals and built a new set of building blocks that empower people to make docs as powerful as applications. The company was founded in 2014 and officially launched its platform in 2019.

Miami Source: NGP Capital Partner, John Gardner, Miami ‘84

Visby Medical Logo.png

Visby Medical is transforming the order of diagnosis and treatment for infectious diseases so clinicians can test, talk with, and treat the patient in a single visit. The Company’s proprietary technology development program culminated in the world’s first instrument-free, single-use PCR platform that fits in the palm of your hand and rapidly tests for serious infections. Originally developed for sexually transmitted infections, the Company’s FDA-cleared, CLIA-waived Sexual Health Click Test for women returns accurate results within 28 minutes. The Visby Medical technology is also helping to fight the global pandemic via the Visby Medical COVID-19 Test, and its robust pipeline includes tests for other infectious diseases. Visby Medical is accelerating the delivery of fast and accurate, palm-sized PCR diagnostics to the point of care, and eventually for use at home.

Miami Source: Artiman Ventures Partner, Brian Wilcove, Miami ‘95


Coaching for Everyone – Cloverleaf is democratizing the $13B coaching market with automated coaching in the flow of work. Cloverleaf provides automated personal and team coaching delivered to the tools you work in every day. The is on a mission to unleash people to do their best work. CloverLeaf has solutions for three user categories - Team Leaders & Managers, Enterprise Leaders, and Coaches & Consultants. They use their own software to provide coaching to these categories. You can schedule a demo to learn how to use CloverLeaf and then obtain the product through a subscription service. Replaces one-time use psychographic assessments: augments coaching consultancies with ongoing real-time daily use SaaS platform.

Miami Source: Cloverleaf Go-To-Market Advisor/1809 Capital LP, Tom Marth, Miami ‘86

Blackcart transparent logo.png

Blackcart is a Try Before You Buy software platform for eCommerce vendors. Their product eliminates hurdles to online shopping by allowing customers to try products from a multitude of companies before paying for kept merchandise.  The value add for sellers is increased customer sales conversion, average order value and net revenues.

Miami Source: Hyde Park Venture Partners, Greg Barnes, Miami ‘02

Aclaimant ​is an enterprise incident reporting system designed to help businesses manage workplace incidents and insurance. The company's system helps employees report any type of workplace incident, manage incident information, manage claims and coordinate with relevant parties in real-time.  This enables companies to reduce time, effort, and money involved in incident management, reduce the cost of risk and keep people safe.

Miami Source: Next Coast Ventures, Mike Smerklo, Miami '91


Zengines has created an entirely new way of converting data. The Zengines AI platform automates the end-to-end data conversion process, reducing the time, cost and risk associated with data conversions, system migrations and data onboarding for a variety of business solutions. Zengines is used by leading enterprises, software vendors and consultants across multiple industries.

Miami Source: Hyde Park Venture Partners, Greg Barnes, Miami ‘02

Blackcart Box
Aclaimant Box
Zengines Box

Bloomfilter is the first process intelligence platform for software development. Bloomfilter has mastered process mining for the software development life cycle. Bloomfilter solves the problem of software projects being late, over budget, or not shipping by developing a productivity tool that gets product teams and business stakeholders on the same page. In order for a business to run efficiently, product teams cannot be guessing when new features will ship and how much they will cost. Bloomfilter focuses on using objective analysis to improve business processes.

Miami Source: Hyde Park Angels, Stuart Frankel, Miami '87

BloomFilter Box

MontyCloud is redefining the CloudOps landscape with its DAY2 platform, utilizing AI-powered smart bots to streamline and optimize cloud management. This breakthrough ensures seamless cloud operations, empowering businesses to effortlessly enhance security, compliance, and cost efficiency.

Miami Source: Lytical Ventures, Steve Berg, Miami '89

MontyCloud Box

Baffle secures data in the cloud and when shared across the entire analytics pipeline with no impact on the user experience. Proven in large-scale environments, only the Baffle Data Protection Service de-identifies sensitive information with zero application changes so companies can responsibly move more data, faster, to the cloud for privacy-preserving analytics in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Miami Source: Lytical Ventures, Steve Berg, Miami '89

Baffle Box
OROS Anchor

Miami Source: Michael Markesbery and Rithvik Venna, Miami '15


OROS is a materials technology company creating advanced thermal solutions using SOLARCORE, their engineered version of NASA's aerogel. SOLARCORE is revolutionizing insulation in the US Defense, aerospace, cold chain packaging, and apparel industries. OROS has notable partnerships with the US Department of Defense, consumer brands, Blue Origin, Mayo Clinic, and others.

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