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Aclaimant Partners with Bullhorn Staffing Agency Software

Aclaimant announced that they have partnered with Bullhorn, a global leader in staffing software platform for recruitment agencies.

Staffing agencies are met with risk from both the client and employee side of the business, and must remain proactive in facing these risks to mitigate potential legal and financial repercussions.

The rising number of employees sourced in the field by staffing agencies has caused traditional usage of spreadsheets for tracking of reporting, claims management, and incident intake, to become outdated.

Aclaimant's integration into Bullhorn's software helps staffing agencies take a revolutionary approach to their risk mitigation strategies, providing digitized safety reporting, claims management, and incident intake, all in one centralized location.

Aclaimant has also received 6 awards from G2, a reputable peer-to-peer review site for business softwares, this year. These accolades range from Best Support for Insurance Claims Management to being a High Performer in Environmental Health & Safety (EHS). We look forward to their successes in the new year.



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