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Joy Mbanugo, 1809 Capital LP, named Influential and Inspirational Modern Leader and Entrepreneur

Joy Mbanugo is a San Francisco based Finance professional with over 19 years of audit, tax, business operations, financial services, capital markets, and treasury experience. Joy currently works on the Cloud Partner Finance team which is responsible for evaluating cross functional deals. Joy worked on the largest ERP to ERP transformation in the U.S. Before this role, Joy led the Treasury Tax initiative at Google to streamline cash management of $100B+. Before joining Google, Joy worked at BlackRock where Joy led the taxation of financial instruments, securities lending ($3 trillion assets under management), information reporting and withholding, and more. From 2003 - 2014, Joy worked at EY in various offices providing tax and audit services to clients in international tax, financial services, and capital markets. Joy worked in San Francisco, London, Washington D.C., and Cleveland.



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