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Trusted Mentorship Crucial for Navigating Pro and NIL Landscape

By Aaron Ryan (Miami '94)

The professional sports offseason is delivering blockbuster-level drama, filled with cliffhangers and plot twists that would rival the scripts of the best screenwriters in the world. But those involved in the NBA Draft, NFL OTAs, the NHL Draft, and NBA free agency are not characters in a cast. They are real people, and these situations and opportunities are as life-changing as they appear.

While the headlines may not always capture it, the athletes, general managers, team owners and those surrounding them are navigating an increasingly complex, fast-paced and dynamic landscape, filled with new contracts, multiteam trades, media deals, equity stakes and brand opportunities. For young athletes entering the scene, the choices they make can have a huge impact on their careers and financial futures. The potential for wealth creation has never been greater, and yet with so much at stake, just one misstep will likely cost them millions as seen with Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant and the suspensions handed down by the NFL to three players for violating league policies surrounding gambling.



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